Episode 108 – Our Favorite Criterion Collection Releases Of 2011

In Episode 108, the crew discusses their favorite 3 Criterion Collection releases of 2011. We are joined by David Blakeslee, David Ehrlich, and Josh Brunsting.

Here are our picks:


3. Carlos
2. Island Of Lost Souls
1. Great Dictator


3. Great Dictator
2. Sweet Smell Of Success
1. Blow Out


3. Topsy-Turvy
2. Zazie Dans Le Metro
1. Great Dictator

Josh Brunsting

3. People On Sunday
2. Music Room
1. The Times Of Harvey Milk

David Blakeslee

3. Senso
2. Fish Tank
1. The Times of Harvey Milk

David Ehrlich

3. Pale Flower
2. Broadcast News
1. Jean Vigo

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