Episode 166 – William Cameron Menzies’s Things to Come


This time on the podcast, Scott is joined by David Blakeslee and Trevor Berrett to discuss William Cameron Menzies’ H.G. Wells’ Things to Come.

About the film:

A landmark collaboration between writer H. G. Wells, producer Alexander Korda, and designer and director William Cameron Menzies, Things to Come is a science fiction film like no other, a prescient political work that predicts a century of turmoil and progress. Skipping through time, Things to Come bears witness to world war, disease, dictatorship, and, finally, utopia. Conceived, written, and overseen by Wells himself as an adaptation of his own work, this megabudget production, the most ambitious ever from Korda’s London Films, is a triumph of imagination and technical audacity.

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Scott Nye

Scott Nye loved movies so much, he spent four years at Emerson College earning a career-free degree in Media Studies. Now living in Los Angeles, he's trying to put that to some sort of use. OFCS member, film writer, day-tripper.

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  • Enjoyable commentary. For additional perspective, Scott, David and Trevor might enjoy reading Leon Stover’s “The Prophetic Soul: A Reading of H.G. Wells’s ‘Things to Come.'” (McFarland & Company, Inc., 1987).