criterion deals framed

Sweet Lord, someone call my mother! Actually, don’t bother — I already sent her an email peppered with hyperlinks.

It’s that time again, for an undisclosed amount of time (likely a week or two), Criterion DVD, Blu-Ray, and even box sets are half-off at Barnes & Noble locations, as well as on their website. That’s two for the price of one (or 492 for the price of 245 1/2)!

I know what you’re thinking, dear listeners. “Now is finally my chance to buy Criterion DVDs at affordable prices and mail them to Travis as a token of his insightful and delightful commentary!” Well, I am humbled and share your sentiments. I’d never have you buy the John Cassavetes box set for me for more than $56, and I could sleep easily knowing you only had to spend a measly $44 to surprise me with 4 By Agnes Varda. I do already own quite a few, though, so it might be best to include the receipt — that way, if you double it up, I can just exchange it for another.

Wait, what? Ryan and Rudie? I’m sorry, but I can’t say I’ve ever even heard of them.