Inside the Box – Episode 7 – The Samurai Trilogy

In this episode of Inside the Box, Trevor and David look into Hiroshi Inagaki's The Samurai Trilogy, featuring Musashi Miyamoto, Duel at Ichijoji Temple, and Duel at Ganryu Island.

Jill Blake Joins the CriterionCast Family as Criterion Now Co-Host

Jill Blake is joining Aaron West as co-host of Criterion Now and we expect the show to improve and grow.

Joshua Reviews Hogir Hirori’s Sabaya [Theatrical Review]

This new documentary from MTV Documentary Films and director Hogir Hirori is a thrilling, often chilling, look into the life of women kidnapped into slavery, and the volunteers willing to risk their lives to...

Criterion New – Episode 128 – The Signifyin’ Works of Marlon Riggs

Brad McDermott joins to take a deep dive into the boxset of Marlon Riggs.

August 2021 Programming on the Criterion Channel Announced

For August, the Channel will feature films from John Huston, Lee Isaac Chung, Denis Côté and more!

Criterion Now – Episode 127 – October 2021 Announcements, Citizen Kane, UHD and 4K

Jill Blakes joins to talk about the October announcements, the likelihood of Citizen Kane, and addresses the UHD and 4K rumors.

Criterion Channel Surfing, Episode 46: July 2021 New Releases and Expiring Titles

Josh is joined by regular contributor Michael Hutchins to discuss the Criterion Channel’s new and expiring titles for the month of July.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 102 – Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris

David and guests spend 3 1/2 hours contemplating a luminous pulsating oceanic mind and the dazzling phantoms it projects into our collective consciousness.

Joshua Reviews Jean-Paul Salome’s Mama Weed [Theatrical Review]

This new crime thriller takes a thinly drawn premise, pairs it with an ace Isabelle Huppert performance and what results is a fun, if forgettable, B-movie.

Joshua Reviews C.W. Winter And Anders Edstrom’s The Works and Days (of Tayoko Shiojiri in the Shiotani Basin) [Theatrical Review]

This epic-length look into the life of a worker in a remote village in Japan is a gorgeous, often haunting rumination on time.