Criterion Reflections – Episode 146 – Perry Henzell’s The Harder They Come

David and guests conclude a 3-part series on Black cinema of February 1973 with a discussion of a Jamaican midnight movie classic that launched reggae a a major force in global popular music.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 145 – Larry Cohen’s Black Caesar

David, Richard, and James continue their conversation about Black cinema of 1973, focusing on a Blaxploitation classic featuring a funky James Brown soundtrack and charismatic Fred Williamson in the title role.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 144 – Mel Stuart’s Wattstax

David is joined by Richard Doyle and first-time guest James Merritt to talk about this engaging concert/documentary featuring Isaac Hayes, Richard Pryor, The Staples Singers, and an all-star cast of Black...

First Look 2024 [Film Festival Preview]

This year's festival runs March 13-17.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 143 – Fernando Di Leo’s The Boss

David is joined by Richard Doyle as they dive into the mafia-infused milieu of Italian poliziotteschi cinema via this trilogy-concluding whirlwind of mayhem, betrayal, and revenge.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 142 – Luchino Visconti’s Ludwig

David provides a video overview of Visconti's maligned late career masterwork and extends his coverage in a conversation with Brad McDermott

Criterion Reflections – Episode 141 – Roberto Rossellini’s The Age of the Medici

David revisits the TV miniseries that attempts to recreate the cultural milieu of 15th century Florence in this first episode of Season 5: 1973.

Criterion Reflections – Intro to Season 5: 1973

A brief video introducing the newest phase of my long-running project to review every Criterion film in chronological order of original theatrical release!

Episode 215 – Criterion Collection Favorites of 2023

This year's panel (David, Jordan, Josh, Brad, and Aaron) resumes our annual tradition of sharing their favorite 2023 releases from the Criterion Collection.

Criterion Channel Surfing, Episode 60: Ishirō Honda’s Kaiju Cinema – Part Three

Critic and YouTube creator Celeste de la Cabra joins Josh for a journey into the Criterion Channel’s permanent, streaming-only library, and conclude their conversation about the films of Japanese filmmaker and...