Criterion Reflections – Episode 148 – The Game of Clones

David talks with Michael Worth about the excellent new Bruceploitation box set from Severin Films.

DC/DOX 2024 [Film Festival Preview]

This year's festival runs June 13-16.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 147 – Charles Nichols’ and Iwao Takamoto’s Charlotte’s Web

David is joined by musical theater enthusiast Robert Cioffi to discuss this Hanna-Barbera animated adaptation of E.B. White's all-time best-selling youth fiction novel.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 146 – Perry Henzell’s The Harder They Come

David and guests conclude a 3-part series on Black cinema of February 1973 with a discussion of a Jamaican midnight movie classic that launched reggae a a major force in global popular music.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 145 – Larry Cohen’s Black Caesar

David, Richard, and James continue their conversation about Black cinema of 1973, focusing on a Blaxploitation classic featuring a funky James Brown soundtrack and charismatic Fred Williamson in the title role.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 144 – Mel Stuart’s Wattstax

David is joined by Richard Doyle and first-time guest James Merritt to talk about this engaging concert/documentary featuring Isaac Hayes, Richard Pryor, The Staples Singers, and an all-star cast of Black...

First Look 2024 [Film Festival Preview]

This year's festival runs March 13-17.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 143 – Fernando Di Leo’s The Boss

David is joined by Richard Doyle as they dive into the mafia-infused milieu of Italian poliziotteschi cinema via this trilogy-concluding whirlwind of mayhem, betrayal, and revenge.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 142 – Luchino Visconti’s Ludwig

David provides a video overview of Visconti's maligned late career masterwork and extends his coverage in a conversation with Brad McDermott

Criterion Reflections – Episode 141 – Roberto Rossellini’s The Age of the Medici

David revisits the TV miniseries that attempts to recreate the cultural milieu of 15th century Florence in this first episode of Season 5: 1973.