February 2022 Programming on the Criterion Channel Announced

Each month, the programmers at the Criterion Channel produce incredible line-ups for their subscribers. For February, the Channel will feature films from Melvin Van Peebles, Douglas Sirk, Rosine Mbakam, and...

Sundance 2022: Joshua Reviews Ricky D’Ambrose’s The Cathedral [Theatrical Review]

The sophomore effort from director Ricky D'Ambrose is a look into the rise and fall of an American family, and one of the early contenders for best of Sundance 2022.

Sundance 2022: Joshua Reviews Kogonada’s After Yang [Theatrical Review]

Beloved essayist-turned-filmmaker Kogonada returns with a beautiful rumination on memory and family in the guise of a science-fiction family drama.

Sundance 2022: Joshua Reviews Sierra Pettengill’s Riotsville, USA [Theatrical Review]

This new archival documentary is a sharp, evocative rumination on a moment in American history that feels all too modern.

Sundance 2022: The Princess, Nothing Compares, Call Jane [Festival Dispatch]

In this first dispatch, we look at two documentaries and a social issue fiction film from one of today's most beloved writers.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 111 – Maurice Pialat’s We Won’t Grow Old Together

Pialat's second feature film won a Best Actor award at Cannes in 1972 for its portrayal of the terminal phase of a doomed and codependent love affair.

Criterion Now – Episode 139 – Reflections on 2021

Jill and Aaron spend New Year's Eve reflecting on the year of 2021

Criterion Channel Surfing, Episode 51: Family Drama

Josh is joined by Robert Taylor, screenwriter and critic at the Robert Taylor Odyssey, to discuss family drama on the Criterion Channel.

Top 10 Films Of 2021 [Joshua’s List]

From a controversial fourth film in a groundbreaking franchise to the rare remake that transcended the original, here are the ten best films of 2021.

Criterion Reflections – Episode 110 – Robert Altman’s Images

David is joined by Brad McDermott to talk about Robert Altman's overlooked excursion into psychological horror, featuring an award-winning lead performance by Susannah York.