Criterion Completion

The Criterion Completion Hour 6

Let's get picky and talk about Criterion packaging. The best, worst, and indifferent across all of the different styles that have been tried. Then we'll check in with The Completionist and The Cinema Gadfly for a nice...

The Criterion Completion Hour 5

Keith makes a "Criterion Connection" on the other side of the world with a great conversation with Australian John Mathews of the Director's Suite Cast. Also, a satisfying crunch of the numbers around the first 500...

The Criterion Completion Hour 3

This hour join Keith for a bit of a personal journey through his years of collecting Criterion and how it has accompanied his life. And then a very funny discussion/therapy session with Doug McCambridge and our mutual...

The Criterion Completion Hour 2

Join Keith Enright for another hour of Criterion Completioning. Come listen as he takes you down the rabbit hole of spine numbering in the lawless days of the Criterion laserdisc. Plus David Blakeslee discusses what it...

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