Ryan’s SXSW Tweet Journal Day 2

At the bus stop, waiting to head back down to the convention center. I want to pick up an SXXpress pass for Micmacs, so I get a good seat.

8:06 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

I’m at Austin Convention Center w/ @problogger. http://4sq.com/8RQqOx

8:57 AM Mar 13th via foursquare from Downtown

I’m at the “Ripping Reality: Creativity and the New Documentary” panel in Room 15! #SXSW

9:09 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Here is the Doc. Panel: How to Fold a Flag, The Oath, A Different Path (directors) http://twitpic.com/18cn9y

9:33 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

RT @theauteurs: This Monday, get exclusive access to the world’s most prestigious film festival: Cannes http://bit.ly/5EEUtU

9:41 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Me too! RT @RebFef: Ditto!! RT @chasewhale: In line to watch @ScottEWeinberg tear it up at the Directing the Dead panel. #sxsw

10:05 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

The Genre Panel is freaking packed, I’m way in the back, I wonder how many will leave when they announce the cancellations. #SXSW

10:27 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Neil Marshall is in the house! Rob Rodriguez! Matt Reeves too! and Ti West #genredirectors #SXSW

10:35 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Hey #SXSW press folks, is there a place in the Convention Center to get AAA batteries?

10:59 AM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Just recorded a bonus episode of @CriterionCast with @Rudie_Obias discussing my first couple days here at #SXSW

12:44 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Checking out the Trade Show floor, looking at the home entertainment stuff. #SXSW

1:12 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

In room 18 for Nobody Wants to Watch Your Film: Realities of Online Film Distribution. #SXSW #watchyourfilm

1:20 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

RT @theauteurs: If you’re at “Nobody Wants to Watch Your Film” panel, use hashtag #watchyourfilm to see your tweets on the big screen #SXSW

1:24 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

I’m at ACC Room 18ABCD w/ @brown2020. http://4sq.com/cBwbg5

1:28 PM Mar 13th via foursquare from Barton Hills

Hey @Gowalla, why won’t you let me check into the convention center events, I’m inside, not 3km west.

1:30 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Just met Peter Becker, the President of the Criterion Collection! Couldn’t be a nicer guy. I video recorded the panel #watchyourfilm

2:53 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Also just shook hands with Efe from the Auteurs, also, an incredibly nice guy. You all need to join @theauteurs.

2:56 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Guess who sat next to me during the panel: @moiseschiu! I’m a huge fan, and this guy knows his shit.

2:57 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Well, we can put the Skinny Red Lion newsletter drawing debate to rest. More Malick in the Collection!

3:21 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

I’m at the thirsty nickle. http://4sq.com/avaMn0

3:26 PM Mar 13th via foursquare from Downtown

Just had a lovely chat with Mark Rance from Watchmaker Films about the future of film distribution, and our philosophy at @CriterionCast.

4:13 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

In the SXXpress line for Micmacs! I cannot wait.

4:14 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Oh man, @headgeek666 himself is here at the Paramount for Micmacs! I’m so excited for this.

4:30 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Micmacs brought tears of joy at the end, a biting, heartwarming revenge tale, I will own this on Blu-Ray the day it comes out.

7:03 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

I don’t think it will have the same broad appeal as Amelie, or A Very Long Engagement, but it deserves to be seen by all.

7:05 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

It made me so happy to hear that Jeunet wanted to make this in 3D, and that would have been freaking jaw droppingly fun.

7:06 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Well, it’s that time again, 20% battery! If I don’t pick up, my phone died.

7:15 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

Going to try and get into the Ritz to see Brotherhood, but the line is long.

7:16 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

I got to meet both of you! RT @EDouglasWW: Just met @moiseschiu…. Adding to my list of tweeters I’ve had a chance to meet at #SXSW

7:19 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

I’m at The Hideout Theatre (617 Congress Ave, E 7th St, Austin) w/ 4 others. http://4sq.com/44DiiB

8:23 PM Mar 13th via foursquare from Downtown

Finding a bus is proving more difficult than previous nights, although I found a cart with vegan hot dogs. I’m going to stuff my face.

9:13 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

I just unlocked the “Fixin’ Wagon” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/cfU4oN

9:15 PM Mar 13th via foursquare

I’m at The Hot Dog King (725 Red River St, at 8th St, Austin). http://4sq.com/6R9nSI

9:15 PM Mar 13th via foursquare from Downtown

@death2themovies I finally made it back to the place I’m staying at. Currently listening to some music, charging the devices, and working…

10:55 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck in reply to death2themovies

Currently listening to the Deltron Instrumentals, cropping images, uploading audio/video, collecting thoughts, digesting the day #SXSW Day 2

10:57 PM Mar 13th via TweetDeck

@fistfulofmedia dude, that final shot of Micmacs brought tears to my eyes.

12:11 AM Mar 14th via TweetDeck in reply to fistfulofmedia

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