Ryan’s SXSW Tweet Journal Day 3

I’m at Snack Bar (1224 S. Congress, James St., Austin). http://4sq.com/cjYKuM

8:34 AM Mar 14th via foursquare from South River City

I’m at Austin Convention Center (500 E. Cesar Chavez St, Red River St, Austin) w/ 247 others. http://4sq.com/8RQqOx

9:41 AM Mar 14th via foursquare from Downtown

Hanging out in the press lounge, charging all the devices, figuring out today’s panel / film schedule. #SXSW

10:02 AM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Waiting for the “Saving Cinema in a Digital Era” panel to start. Then it’s off to write, then Futurestates at 5pm, then maybe the Lamar?

12:09 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Back in the press lounge, after an awesome panel discussing the future of Cinema in the digital world. Trying to get some work done before 5

1:32 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Got to meet @eug from indieWIRE just now after the panel. A really great guy you should all follow, and sign up for the newsletter!

1:37 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

On tonights screening schedule: Futurestates, then its either down to the Drafthouse for Lebanon PA, Putty Hill & Higanjima, or Elektra Luxx

1:38 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Check out @fistfulofmedia’s review of the Bigger than Life Blu-ray for @CriterionCast: http://bit.ly/8XxFFY

2:02 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Eesh, the dude from Blowfly just started shouting on the microphone in the press lounge. Dick.

2:24 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Hooray! the d-bag interrupting the press lounge is gone. No one go see his movie. #SXSW

2:34 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Well, it’s that time again, 20% battery! If I don’t pick up, my phone died.

2:51 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Down at the g-tech theater for the Futurescapes short films. #SXSW

2:52 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

I’m at Hitachi Gtech Theater. http://4sq.com/b9YIJW

2:53 PM Mar 14th via foursquare from Rosedale

I just saw my favorite film of the festival, a short film that in fact brought tears to my eyes: Plastic Bag, by Ramin Bahrani.

4:48 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Not only is this film expertly captured visually, with an incredible score, it is narrated by none other than Werner Herzog.

4:49 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Those of you that missed the Futurescapes screening, they are available online, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

4:50 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

I’m actually still trembling as I type this, outside of the convention center, absorbing what I just saw.

4:51 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Perhaps it’s the loneliness of covering this event by myself that has made me more susceptible, but that film cut straight to my heart.

4:52 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

If you enjoyed the subtle future shown to us in Children of Men, you must watch this series of short films, you will not be sorry.

4:53 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

The website I thought allowed you to watch the Futurescapes shorts is not working, I’ll get back with a way for you to see these films.

4:57 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

I need a stiff drink after that screening, before I see anything else. Probably heading to the Paramount after this.

4:58 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

RT @ebertchicago: Octopuses can finally see TV, now that it’s hi-fi on liquid crystal sets. They like movies about crabs. http://j.mp/cWfx6x

5:19 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

@ebertchicago thank you for using Octopuses correctly, instead of Octopi.

5:19 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck in reply to ebertchicago

I’m at Pita Pit (619 Congress Avenue, E. 7th Street, Austin). http://4sq.com/9g9Wqi

5:28 PM Mar 14th via foursquare from Downtown

I’m at Darwin’s Pub (223 E 6th St, Austin) w/ 3 others. http://4sq.com/5Sfojd

5:34 PM Mar 14th via foursquare from Downtown

Thanks to @FyodorFish for finding the link, watch this ASAP, I loved it. http://futurestates.tv/episodes/plastic-bag

5:43 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

While you’re at it, watch Silver Sling too (Tze Chun!) and The Rise (for the most adorable baby ever put to film). #futurescapes #SXSW

5:44 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

While this bar lured me in with it’s evolutionary name, Darwins Pub is pretty lame.

5:48 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

One more thing on Plastic Bag: the film projected on a huge screen, where it fills ones field of vision, dramatically adds to it’s impact.

5:50 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

@ErikDavis I’m heading to Elektra Luxx too, after this cheap beer is finished. #SXSW

5:52 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck in reply to ErikDavis

In line for Elektra Luxx! (@ Paramount Theater w/ @alisonwillmore) http://4sq.com/5C3R6S

6:01 PM Mar 14th via foursquare from Downtown

Carla Gugino and Malin Ackerman are going to be in the theater for the screening for Elektra Luxx. #nerdgasm #SXSW

6:19 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Wait, the Mr. Nice director is named Bernard Rose? Is he a key to unlock LOST?

6:43 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

We are sitting about ten feet away from Carla Gugino. Yep.

7:42 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Technical difficulties at the Elektra Luxx screening, people are leaving. The picture cut out an hour in. #SXSW

8:55 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

The director just said the picture was such a good homage to Contempt that it blew out the projector!

8:59 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

RT @theauteurs: Attn #SXSW: tomorrow get exclusive access to the world’s most prestigious film festival: Cannes http://bit.ly/5EEUtU

9:52 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Waiting for the late bus, trying to think of how I’m going to write about this half-screening. I mean I liked the title sequence but…

9:53 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Is it fair to review a movie you’ve only seen half of? What if it got really good once Malin Ackerman showed up?

9:55 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

What a long day… Tomorrow morning: Documentary History in an Interactive World, from Nanook to @Nanook.

9:57 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

What’s up Austin? Where is this bus that’s supposed to take me home?

10:21 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

So after waiting for the bus that never showed up when it was supposed to, I broke down and took a cab back to Vanessa’s, finally home.

11:25 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

So far I have not made it to any screenings at the Drafthouse. Tomorrow night and Tuesday, I’m setting up camp there.

11:28 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Although it’s not very much money, I feel so morally opposed to paying for a taxi when a bus will do.

11:30 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

After thinking more about Elektra Luxx, I am not the target audience for that movie. I can’t see myself ever renting it, let alone buying it

11:32 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

There was a lot of really great ideas thrown around at the Cinema in a Digital Era panel today, about social tech options.

11:34 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

One thing that has been brought up again and again at the various panels: long form narratives are dying, and are archaic.

11:35 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

The idea of a two hour film was never something etched in stone at the beginning of time, it grew out of people spending a night out.

11:36 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Did anyone else realize the naked guy in the elevator in Elektra Luxx was the dude from Mad Men? All bearded and shaggy. Yet still a creep.

11:40 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

As far as panels over the next couple days go, tomorrow is another Doc. panel, and Tues. I have Interactive access, for a Hulu panel…

11:41 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

There is also the panel on the future of the home entertainment setup by a guy from Microsoft, who handles the Xbox media center (Netflix!).

11:42 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

Whatever new features are added to the iPhone that us released this summer, please please use a better battery, it is painful.

11:59 PM Mar 14th via TweetDeck

So, today’s the 15th… What do you predict we’ll see announced as @Criterion’s June releases?

12:04 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

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