Ryan’s SXSW Tweet Journal Day 4

And they’re in! June @Criterion releases: Mystery Train, Close-Up, and Everlasting Moments! Jarmusch, Troell, and Kiarostami!

8:35 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

After this documentary panel, I’m heading to the Alamo Ritz to see Tiny Furniture at 2:15. I’m excited.

9:16 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

The director of Hoop Dreams, Steve James, (our next episode!) is on the Documentary Panel I’m at! #SXSW http://twitpic.com/18rq53 (right)

9:29 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Just shook hands with Steve James, director of Hoop Dreams! Got to tell him about the podcast and blog, briefly.

10:15 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Heading to the Ifc House for some fruit, then I’m off to the Ritz.

10:16 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

I’m at IFC Crossroads House (612 Brazos, at East 7th St., Austin) w/ 13 others. http://4sq.com/ct6ZhE

10:41 AM Mar 15th via foursquare from Downtown

I can’t believe it, but I actually forgot my iPhone cable this morning at Vanessa’s. Luckily IFC has a charging station. This could be bad.

10:44 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Just got to meet @mattsinger from the IFC Podcast. Really nice guy, I’m sad he’s going to have to drink a bowl of queso…

10:44 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

I’m at Alamo Ritz theater 1 (320 E 6th St, Trinity St, Austin) w/ 4 others. http://4sq.com/ctNi4D

11:12 AM Mar 15th via foursquare from Downtown

In line for Tiny Furniture at the Alamo Ritz, stuffing my face with this Pita Pit: http://twitpic.com/18saqz

11:20 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

RT @akstanwyck: #SXSW : Gondry Goes Animated with Daniel Clowes’ Megalomania: Michael Gondry is a marvel.. http://bit.ly/bk9nYb

11:43 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

What is up with the crew of Tiny Furniture cutting in line? Haven’t they already seen the movie? I haven’t!

12:04 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Just finished Tiny Furniture, an absolutely wonderful family/coming of age/ post college journey. The q&a is happening, charmingly.

2:17 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

RT @jenyamato: Elektra Luxx will screen again tonight @ 11:45pm with cast + director q&a!

2:28 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

I got to sit next to the amazing @alisonwillmore from IFC, during Tiny Furniture. It was a fun note-taking session.

2:33 PM Mar 15th via Tweetie

This was my first time getting food at the Ritz. I had fries, a root beer, and a hefeweizen! Luxurious setting, despite a neck cramping view

2:35 PM Mar 15th via Tweetie

Heading back to the IFC house to charge my phone, they have iPhone cables!

2:37 PM Mar 15th via Tweetie

I’m at IFC Crossroads House (612 Brazos, at East 7th St., Austin) w/ 2 others. http://4sq.com/ct6ZhE

2:46 PM Mar 15th via foursquare from Downtown

Having some free beer at the Ifc house, usage of the iPhone charger is limited, causing whining by those who arrived after me.

3:07 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Taking the shuttle to the Alamo Lamar. Is there wifi around there to get work done before the screening?

3:13 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

I’m at Alamo Drafthouse (1120 S Lamar Blvd, Austin) w/ 3 others. http://4sq.com/51qQwv

3:37 PM Mar 15th via foursquare from Zilker

In line for Earthling at the Alamo Lamar.

3:49 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

RT @IFCdotcom: FESTIVALS: Why SXSW Interactive is essential to understanding the future of media http://goo.gl/fb/swnt

3:53 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

RT @rejects: Elektra Luxx has been rescheduled for TONIGHT (Monday, 3/15) at 11:45PM in the G-Tech Theater. #sxsw

4:15 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

I’m trying to get @kyle_newman to see People vs George Lucas with me tomorrow, mostly to get his rebuttal afterwards.

4:25 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

I have an absolutely perfect seat for Earthling. Getting falafel and the Monty Python ale for dinner. #SXSW #Drafthouse

4:52 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

@ThePlaylist yeah, I wasn’t blown away by Earthling either.

7:03 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck in reply to ThePlaylist

Out of the Earthling screening, back into the SXXpress line for Cherry. I was not a fan of Earthling by the way.

7:04 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Rain? What is this, Portland? I guess I’m staying at the Alamo to see some secret movie…!!!

9:54 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Oh man, I’m in the front corner for Centurion, my neck is going to kill me in the morning, I think it’ll be worth it.

10:04 PM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

A late night, hyperbolic tweet about Centurion: The best Iraq War movie set in ancient Britain. Semi-joking.

12:26 AM Mar 16th via TweetDeck

This movie had IED’s, Decapitation, Kidnapping, Guerilla Warfare, Imperialists, and politicians complaining about the weather. #Centurion

12:32 AM Mar 16th via TweetDeck

@FyodorFish as soon as I get home on Wednesday evening, I’ll be posting lots of SXSW reviews

1:04 AM Mar 16th via TweetDeck in reply to FyodorFish

You know, I really could have done without the narration in Centurion. That and the font for the titles/languages.

1:20 AM Mar 16th via TweetDeck

Are there press notes up online for Centurion? I can’t remember all of the names, or even begin to know how to spell some of them.

1:23 AM Mar 16th via TweetDeck

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