SXSW 2013 Preview: Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith’s Tiny: A Story About Living Small


In a world of excess and economic recession, the idea of “living small” is as thrilling and ultimately popular as any among the youth movement and those looking to lower their footprint on this world’s environment and economy.

And now they have a documentary. The new film from the pair of Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith,  Tiny: A Story About Living Small follows the story of a couple looking to build a new “tiny house,” and overall the movement of “tiny houses” within culture. But what is a “tiny house?” In a time where houses are hitting thousands of square feet in size, these houses combat minimum home size laws by often times being built on wheels, and in the low hundreds when it comes to square footage.

Clocking in at only an hour in length, the film is beautifully made and for those looking to find a voice against the growth of extravagant homes in a time where a majority of the population is living paycheck to paycheck, and will arrive in Austin this year for SXSW 2013, where it will have its world premiere. A really fantastic look into a movement growing momentum in today’s economic and environmental landscape, Tiny may be small in scope and runtime, but it’s one that should be seen by as many people as possible. Here is the trailer, and check below for screening times and locations at SXSW.

Saturday, March 9 at 5:00pm: The Rollins Theater at the Long Center for the Performing Arts

Monday, March 11 at 11:30am: The Alamo Village Theater

Wednesday, March 13 at 3:45pm: The Alamo Ritz Theater 

Follow the team behind the film on Twitter – @TINYtheMovie or like them on Facebook.

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