Abel Ferrara’s Last Day Gets Picked Up By IFC

Abel Ferrara in the Criterion Collection? Sounds crazier than it may actually be thanks to IFC.

IndieWIRE is reporting that IFC has nabbed the rights to Ferrara’s latest film, 4:44 Last Day On Earth, and it sure looks and sounds like it may be something worth a look for the people over at The Criterion Collection.

The film stars Willem Dafoe (Antichrist, Fishing With John, The Life Aquatic, The Last Temptation of Christ), Shanyn Leigh, Paz de la Huerta and Natasha Lyonne, and has played this year’s Venice Film Festival, with a domestic debut set for the NYFF later this year.

Last Day was penned by Ferrara, and follows the story of a couple who ‘cycle through moments of anxiety, ecstasy, and torpor. As they sink into the havens of sex and art, and Skype last goodbyes in a Lower East Side apartment filled with screens bearing tidings of doom and salvation, the film becomes one of Ferrara’s most potent and intimate expressions of spiritual crisis. An apocalyptic trance film, 4:44 LAST DAY ON EARTH is also a mournful valentine to Ferrara’s beloved New York: the director’s first fiction feature to be filmed entirely in the city in over a decade, and coming 10 years after the September 11 attacks, a haunting vision of doom in the lower Manhattan skyline.’

While I’m not a huge fan of Ferrara’s work, I do think that this could be an interesting film to see added to Criterion’s slate.   The film will be hitting via Sundance Selects, so here’s to hoping that we’ll be seeing this thing with the big C sometime real soon, as highly unlikely as that truly may be.

Source IndieWIRE

Joshua Brunsting

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