Adam Berg Helming Remake Of Cronenberg’s Videodrome

While this is still very much in the early stages of actually happening, this is still as bad a news story for fans of David Cronenberg’s masterpiece as one could run across.

Deadline reports that Universal has gone ahead and nabbed first time helmer Adam Berg to direct a remake of Cronenberg’s brilliant Videodrome with a script from writer Ehren Kruger.

The remake has been in the works for a few years now, but until this week it frankly appeared dead in the water, the perfect place for a remake like this. Given how prophetic and gutsy the film originally was when it first hit theaters, the possibility for an effective remake are negligible, as it very much focused itself upon themes and ideas that, for all intents and purposes, came true. It’s reality-TV focused plot is as vital and intriguing today as it has ever been, so the idea of a remake truly doesn’t seem all that wise. However, it’s coming, so prepare yourself.

Source Deadline

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