Alexandre Desplat Scoring Christoph Gans’ Beauty And The Beast

With at least a pair of brilliant adaptations of the story of ‘Beauty And The Beast’ hitting the screen throughout the years, director Christoph Gans has not only nabbed star Vincent Cassel to lead his long talked about adaptation, but apparently he’s gotten one of the film world’s most popular composers to score it.

Alexandre Desplat has been hired to compose the score for the film. The picture will co-star Lea Seydoux, and will apparently utilize motion capture for the role of Beast, an intriguing but odd choice. A perfect character to utilize physical effects, Beast has always been a character where makeup has been used. Take Cocteau’s adaptation for example.

Personally, while I’m a bit turned off by the announcement of motion capture being used, Desplat’s involvement in the project is deeply exciting. He’s one of today’s most gifted composers, and he’ll add a lot to an already interesting project. I love the cast, so this is just some beautifully composed icing on an already exciting cake.

Source Films Actu / The Playlist

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