Alfonso Cuaron To Outdo Himself In Upcoming Sci-Fi Film, Gravity, With 20 Minute Opening Shot

Among today’s filmmakers, very few have the track record that genius auteur Alfonso Cuaron (Sólo con tu pareja) has. After his last film, Children Of Men, became the instant masterpiece that it truly is, word on his next feature length, theatrical project stayed rather quiet until it was announced that not only was it the sci-fi film, Gravity, but that it would star Robert Downey Jr.

However, the news only gets more interesting. According to The Playlist, the company Framestore will be re-teaming with Cuaron, for the upcoming film’s special effects. They not only worked on Children of Men, but recently they did work on Avatar and Prince Of Persia, so you know that there is some talent there. That said, the more interesting note is that the film will feature a 20-minute opening shot.

You heard me right, a 20-minute opening shot, that unlike the famed car shot from Children of Men, will not feature any of the talked about hidden editing points that were able to be covered up in that brilliant film. Personally, this film was already super interesting to me, and I had fully expected there to be some tracking shots, but nothing this extravagant. It’s set to be 60% CGI, so expect something far different from what we’ve seen Cuaron do previously.

All in all, we can fully expect one of the most stunning and well crafted pieces of cinema that we have seen in a very long time. Like a modern day Solaris from the mind of one of today’s most brilliant and gifted filmmakers. I can’t wait.

Source: The Playlist

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