Amazon Appears To Have Lots Of Out Of Print Criterion Collection Titles In Stock And Discounted

Apparently Amazon has unearthed a secret cache of out of print Criterion Collection DVDs (and a Blu-ray), and have put them back up on their site, new, at a discounted price (50% off!).

This sale (if you can call it that), has me a little nervous. Occasionally Amazon will screw up and list products at ridiculously low prices, only to later realize their mistake and issue refunds or just cancel orders. This of course hasn’t stopped me from ordering lots of the discs myself, but I just wanted to throw that out there, in case this turns out to turn sour.

Some of the titles are listed as needing a couple days to process, but many seem to have copies in stock right now.

I went through as many titles as I can, and I’m listing them below. If you find any other deals on Amazon that I missed, feel free to leave them in the comments below. (also, if any of these aren’t really out of print, they’re at least 50% off)

Keep in mind also, that Barnes & Noble will be holding their bi-annual 50% off sale this November (all reports are suggesting it begins on November 1st). 

Other deals:

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