Amazon’s High Def Sale Is Here, June 7th-11th

If there is one thing that Amazon does better than any major online store, it is it’s sales.

This week happens to be Amazon’s ‘high-def week,’ and will run until June 11.   The week will feature numerous specials ranging from hardware to software, including special ‘deal of the day’ specials, and ‘lightning deals’ to boot, which will be primarily Blu-ray related.

Personally, I am slowly garnering the funds to switch over to Blu-ray, and with things like this, it’s making me chomp at the bit to make the change.   Deals range from 48% and up, and along with deals like the Wal-Mart Blu-ray player sale, you really cannot go wrong.

However, all of these sales come at a rather interesting time.   We have hit the advent of online streaming, and with things like cloud storage slowly becoming more and more popular, it is interesting to see physical media go on sale in such high and massive quantities.   I know that I go to town on DVD sales, and as a massive fan of physical media, I can’t wait to see what else Amazon has in store for us.


[Note from the Editor: If you need a wake-up call of sorts for these deals throughout the week, follow @AmazonDeals on Twitter.]

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