American Cinematheque To Screen The Gold Rush And Selected Chaplin Shorts On June 19th, Courtesy Of Janus Films

Have you never seen a Charlie Chaplin film? Are you just waiting until the perfect moment to dig into his catalogue?

Well first, what the hell have you been waiting for? But second, the American Cinematheque in Hollywood, CA may have the perfect situation for you to jump head first into the legendary silent actor’s filmography.

On Saturday, June 19, Janus Films will be bringing new 35mm prints of four Chaplin films; The Gold Rush, A Dog’s Life, A Day’s Pleasure, and Shoulder Arms, all kicking off at 7:30 pm at their theater. Personally, this is a must see set of films.

Not only is The Gold Rush one of the all time great silent films, and arguably Chaplin’s best work (I have a soft spot for The Great Dictator), but how can you go wrong with seeing newly restored prints of these films, projected on the big screen. The film will be followed by three short films, all of which are currently housed by Janus, and could one day see a possible Criterion/Eclipse box set, so those in Hollywood, definitely check these things out.

In this world where you have big company CEO’s saying that anything outside of a new release is irrelevant and uninteresting, not only does it make me grateful to live in a world where companies like Criterion exist, but it makes collections of films like this getting a big screen release, albeit almost 100 years later, all the more sweet. Please, if you have the chance, see these films. You won’t be disappointed.

Source: American Cinematheque

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