An 8bit Score To Brighten Your Day: Criterion’s Number 1 “Liked” Film, Obayashi’s House

Just when you thought you’d see the last of that crazy orange cat, we bring it back to haunt your dreams. Actually, what we’re bringing you today is pretty awesome, and will hopefully cheer you up while we’re in the midst of a freezing cold January.

Criterion recently revealed the results of their experiment with adding the Facebook “like” button to their various films on their website. Without getting into a rant about the logistics of taking these “likes” seriously, let me just say that you should take them with a HUGE grain of salt. I mean, how many Criterion fans are actually going through the entire list of films and clicking “like” on the ones that they actually enjoy. Occasionally, as I go through older releases to write about, or link to, I’ll find some classics with under 100 “likes”. When looking at those numbers, just remember that people will probably only click the button on a new release, or a highly publicized release.

Well, regardless, I still absolutely love their number 1, with 3,315 “likes”, Obayashi’s House came in at the top of the list. To help celebrate this, I went and found a charming little 8-bit version of the House theme. I found this over on the 8bc Community. There is just something endearing and clearly manipulatively nostalgic about 8-bit culture, but I clearly can’t pull myself out of it’s gravitational pull.

Here it is:

Hausu 8bit

What other themes from Criterion Collection films would you like to see ported over to the 8-bit world? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Here are some more goodies, to brighten your day:

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