Antonio Banderas Joins Carlos Saura’s 33 Days

Throughout the art world, there are great pieces of work, and then there are the truest masterpieces.   The Mona Lisa.   David’s Michael.   Just a few names that pop to mind.   However, very few have the cultural relevance and reverence that Pablo Picasso’s haunting masterwork, ‘Guernica,’ holds within its canvas.

And now, thanks to director Carlos Saura, we’ll get an inside look into the painters life as he worked on the piece.

Variety reports that Antonio Banderas will star in Saura’s new film, 33 Dias (33 Days), which follows Picasso and his life as he works on the mammoth piece.   Picasso spent a whole 33 days on the piece, which was his visceral and moving reaction to the Basque town Guernica and its destruction by the hands of the Nazi party in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. It’s a beautiful and moving piece of work, and may be one of the greatest paintings ever crafted.

The film will shoot in the summer, and has easily become one of the most interesting foreign projects around.   As a massive fan of everyone involved, and an even bigger fan of the piece it focuses on, I couldn’t be more excited.

Source Variety

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