Are Daft Punk And Brian De Palma Collaborating On A New Project?


Not sure if this will lead to anything cinematically interesting, but the idea of these two parties getting in bed together is absolutely enchanting.

Just a week out from the French duo’s new album (Random Access Memories) being released, Pitchfork recently chatted with the robots known as Daft Punk, and they (whose real names are Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo) revealed that they have had discussions with director Brian De Palma about “some things.”

That’s literally as far as the conversation ultimately got, but it should be said that the duo loves them some De Palma. They have been deeply influenced by the director’s work, including working with De Palma collaborators like Gorgio Moroder and Paul Williams, and while this could lead, ultimately, to nothing more than say a live performance directed by the filmmaker, the possibilities here feel endless. Knowing that the pair have worked with past collaborators of De Palma’s makes this all the more interesting, as it could mean many different things. They themselves have been deeply influenced by film, and their sound would fit perfectly in a new De Palma film. Who knows? One can only imagine what this may be leading to.

Source Pitchfork / The Playlist

Joshua Brunsting

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