Artists Flock To FÃ¥rö Island For Bergman Week

One of a nation’s greatest gifts are the artists that call, or have called, it home.

This is the case with Sweden, and according to reports, they have come to embrace this storied cinematic history, particularly the work of their most beloved son, Ingmar Bergman.

No, they aren’t going to name a street or something completely superficial to honor this beloved legend, but instead, they hope to use his name and his work to bring the world’s attention to the country and their ever superb film history.

The nation currently holds an event known as Bergman week, on the historic Faro Island, the place that Bergman called home for many years prior to his death. The event lets fans come from all over the world to soak in everything Bergman, and everything Sweden.

Personally, while Bergman is of course a legend and his films should be seen, but it’s great to see a nation to really respect their artistic history, and make it a talking point. We see the arts in this country get completely taken for a ride in favor of things like sports. Sure, I love me some sports, but for a country to step up and really respect their artistic history, it’s really amazing.

Overall, see this man’s work, as it’s some of the greatest films ever put to celluloid, and also, while you’re at it, check out some other Swedish films. I know I will be.

Source: Real Bollywood

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