Avatar Breaks New Records With DVD And Blu-ray Sales

Is it any surprise that James Cameron is the king of the world in the DVD market? Avatar, already conquering the theater records with an unprecedented $2.7 billion dollars (which was set originally by Cameron’s own Titanic in 1997) has destroyed The Dark Knight’s 4 day total on the home video market with 6.7 million DVD and Blu-Ray units, which amounts to $130 million dollars in sales.

Twentieth Century Fox has said that 2.7 million of those units sold were on Blu-Ray, which is quite impressive in the market, which is really the only way one should watch Avatar at home. Rumors are rampant still that a special edition, with extras and 3D might be coming out later this year, but Fox decided to release the film while word of mouth was still strong.

On top of that, Fox released the film on Earth Day, which fell on a Thursday, which is 2 days after a usual new release date saying the timing was perfectly in tune with Avatar’s theme of guarding the environment.

Avatar is about a Earth soldier who infiltrates an alien tribe on the planet of Pandora, falls in love with the princess of the tribe and then leads a rebellion with the alien race against the humans who had given him the mission in the first place.

Source: Yahoo News