Barnes & Noble’s 50% Off Sale On Criterion Collection DVDs And Blu-rays Has Returned!

Barnes And Noble Criterion Sale Header

Like clockwork, Barnes & Noble has begun their bi-annual 50% off sale on all current (through the end of the sale) Criterion Collection Blu-rays and DVDs. The sale will (according to various internet sources) continue until December 2nd (I have not confirmed this with B&N myself). I also have not checked to see if any of the future pre-orders are available at 50% off, but it is worth investigating. The future releases are not typically included in the sale, but the first night usually yields some exciting errors on the website.

This time around, I’d imagine many of you will be spending a pretty penny on the incredible line-up of Dual Format releases for November. This is a month where I can heartily recommend everything that is being released. From Frances Ha to Zatoichi, there is something for everyone this time around.

If you are one of those folks who finds yourself not knowing what to buy this time around, I’ll re-endorse the Eclipse Series. There are many treasures to be found in those DVD-only box sets, and this is as cheap as they get.

If you aren’t already a member at B&N, this might be the time to finally sign up, as the yearly membership fee might actually get absorbed completely if you decide to buy the Zatoichi set (with the 50% discount, plus the 10% member discount, plus any of the other bonus discounts that you get when you sign up).

With Black Friday right around the corner, it is truly the best time of the year for home video geeks with an unhealthy addiction to those little plastic discs.

As always, we truly appreciate you fine readers that click our affiliate links during the sale, as your purchases deliver shiny pennies to the site.

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