Ben Affleck To Helm Dennis Lehane Adaptation Live By Night


Why mess up a proven partnership?

While director Ben Affleck isn’t an Oscar winner for his work with author Dennis Lehane, the pair have been behind Affleck’s first feature length directorial effort Gone Baby Gone, with Affleck behind the lens and Lehane the author of the source novel. And now, the two are back together again.

Deadline reports that Affleck will be adapting, directing and starring in a film version of Lehane’s novel Live By Night, which tells the story of a police captain’s son who is taken in by his hometown’s criminal underground. Again, Affleck will star in the film which is being lined up as the filmmaker’s next project.

Personally, with Affleck’s name now not only synonymous with an awards season which saw him become as big a director as there is today but one that is bantered around with every big project WB has on its docket, this is bound to be one of the studio’s biggest films. The premise sounds thrilling and the Lehane/Affleck partnership is an exciting one at the very least. This sounds right up Affleck’s alley and should be one of the biggest films coming down the pipeline.

Source Deadline

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