Ben Wheatley Delving Into Animation With Yet Another New Film


There is being busy, then there is being prolific, and then there is whatever the hell Ben Wheatley is.

With films like Freakshift, I, Macrobane and Two For Hell on tap, and A Field In England set to debut soon, the director is set to change things up entirely, jumping into animation for a new project.

The Hitlist recently chatted with him, and learned that he’ll be making an animated film with the extremely family friendly title of Mega Evil Motherfuckers.

It’s set to be a claymation project that they are half way through the screenplay on. Talks between Wheatley and some animation studios have begun, which apparently includes “a whole pool of people in the UK who have done Frankenweenie and Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

Personally, as a huge fan of Wheatley, this is definitely a project I can’t wait to check out. It does appear to be extremely early on in production, so this is still likely very far off, but then again, who knows. Wheatley has been working at a hell of a high clip, so we may be seeing this, and all of his upcoming films, at a higher rate than we all expect. And for that, I’m more than thankful.

Source The Hitlist / The Playlist

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