Benedict Cumberbatch’s Julian Assange Film Gets A Title And A Release Date


With time in films like the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness and the second of three Hobbit features, star Benedict Cumberbatch is destined to have one hell of a 2013, coming off a handful of years that have seen the actor become a darling of cinephiles and those with a penchant for posting images on Tumblr. However, he may be getting a lot more than just a handful of big time box office receipts this year.

The actor and burgeoning cultural icon of sorts will be seen in a new film from director Bill Condon that is sure to catch eyes this pending Oscar season. Now titled The Fifth Estate, the film is Condon’s long talked about look at Julian Assange and the rise of WikiLeaks and now it not only has a title, but a release date. The film will hit theaters on November 15, and co-stars Daniel Bruhl, Laura Linney and Alicia Vikander in what will likely be one of this year’s most talked about dramas.

Condon as a filmmaker is kind of uncanny. The ability to jump from a picture like Gods And Monsters to the world of Twilight, without really thinking twice. I’m not overly excited about him being behind the camera here, but this cast is really thrilling. I’m a big fan of Cumberbatch, and the idea of him taking on something is really intriguing.

Source EW / Screen Daily

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