Benicio Del Toro Joins Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice


With it set to shoot in a matter of weeks, casting appears to be ramping up for director Paul Thomas Anderson’s new picture, Inherent Vice, and it’s starting off with a killer second star.

The Wrap reports that Benicio del Toro is set to co-star in the picture opposite Joaquin Phoenix, in the role of the “attorney” to our lead character, a private detective in ‘70s LA.

As it nears its start date, Inherent Vice is shaping up to not only hold a great cast within it (as well as Warner Bros. behind it instead of Annapurna Pictures), but it also looks to be a really interesting change of pace for Anderson. A distinctly smaller sounding picture than something like The Master or There Will Be Blood, this is a return to something like Hard Eight, a noir-like picture that sounds right up the alley of a younger Paul Thomas Anderson.

Source The Wrap

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