BFI To Stream New Restoration Of Hitchcock’s Champagne This Thursday

With Universal having a handful of issues with transfers of their respective films from director Alfred Hitchcock, The BFI appears to be going full steam ahead with their restorations of their ‘Hitchcock Nine.’ So much so, that we’ll be able to see the result of their work, at least for one film, this very week.

The BFI will be streaming Hitchcock’s silent film, Champagne, this Thursday at 4:30pm EST via the visual arts website The Space. The film, Hitch’s eighth feature, follows the story of a well to do young woman who finds her fiancé in the wrong eyes of her father who sees him as a gold-digger.

Having seen a really shoddy print of the film thanks to a Mill Creek box set (that 20 film set that just about everyone on this planet owns), I do really dig this early silent from the director, and find it as a far more interesting restoration than those Universal transfers that appear to be a continuation of that studio’s catalog restoration issues. The stream will also feature a brand new score, commissioned for this restoration, so if you have the time, make sure to head over to The Space for the stream this Thursday.

Also, for those interested, the BFI has a great piece on the restoration process with regards to this film. Read it HERE.

Source Movieline