Black Narcissus Vs. Inception – The Trailer

Very rarely do I really watch mash up trailers, but that’s only because I haven’t quite found one that really worked.

Well, the wait for that exact mash up trailer is over, and thanks to Rope Of Silicon owner Brad Brevet, it is one of the coolest ‘remix’ trailers I’ve ever seen, mixing the score of the recently released Inception (particularly the Zack Hemsey-scored track, Mind Heist), and the trailer for the soon to be re-released Criterion staple, the wonderful Black Narcissus.

The trailer is an utter masterpiece of fan video remixing, and like Brevet himself says in the article, it really does a great job at not misrepresenting the film, which is often times the main problem that I have with these type of trailers. I adore this track, and with per Brevet’s wishes, he does in fact make it more than apparent that this film, from 1947, can be ‘just as cool and intense as one from 2010.’ It’s a powerful trailer, that is not only completely well crafted, but also does a great job to really modernize the feel of the film, simply by re-cutting and re-scoring the trailer.

This is a must see trailer for anyone interested in the film, The Criterion Collection, or anything for that matter. Hopefully this will inspire at least one person to pick this fantastic Powell and Pressburger film which is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Source: Rope Of Silicon

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