Blockbuster De-listed From The Stock Exchange, Movie Gallery Lost More Than $100M Before Shuttering Stores, Still Not A Good Time For Brick And Mortar Rental Chains

Things just keep getting worse for you if your name isn’t Netflix.

According to THR, Blockbuster delayed their $42.4 million debt payment, and that the company’s shares will be delisted by the New York Stock Exchange. Those very stocks closed on Thursday at 23 cents, which was 90% lower than where it was the day that the company picked up Jim Keyes as their new CEO.

Keyes was supposed to have his contract run out this week, but the company is saying that his contract has since been extended for ‘an unspecified amount of time.’ Delisting, for those like me who may not have been too keen on that term, means that the stock of a company is removed from the respective stock exchange, so that the investors no longer trade shares on the said exchange.

Things are even worse for those behind Movie Gallery, who could not have had a worse month of May.

According to Home Media Magazine, the company reported a net loss of more than $100 million during the four weeks between May 10 and June 6.

Since their second bankruptcy filing back on February 3, the company has reported a net loss of $170.7 million on revenue of $344 million. Personally, while both of these stories are massive problems for both respective companies, they speak to much deeper things for the business. The slow destruction of the thing known as the brick and mortar store has been more than publicized, so this is just another step in what looks to be a bad future for this business model.

Source: THR / Home Media Magazine

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