Boxee Teams Up With Mubi For Movie Rentals

Talk about one hell of an addition to an already impressive library.

According to reports, Boxee has added new films to their library, from the likes of EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, Openfilm, and the current kings of the arthouse, Mubi. The content is currently available in their new movie library, that is part of a new software update that Boxee released on Thursday.

The one thing that I genuinely don’t dig about the Netflix online service, which is the only streaming service I currently use, is that outside of Criterion releases, and a handful of other great classics, indies and foreign films, Mubi offers a much more wide and vibrant arthouse collection of films, that fits my taste perfectly.

That said, I’m definitely not going to turn off my Instant Watch anytime soon, but hell, this is a fantastic addition. What do you think?

Source: New TeeVee

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