Brian De Palma Teaming With Al Pacino For Film About The Life Of Joe Paterno


If there is one story that is still seeing repurcussions being felt within the world of sports, it’s the fall from grace of the late football coach of Penn State University, Joe Paterno, and his involvement with the sex abuse scandal surrounding his assitant coach, Jerry Sandusky. Ultimately the case that has completely tarnished the legend’s coaching career, his life story is something of a novel-like narrative, with the highest highs only to end on the lowest of humanly possible lows.

And now, it’s coming to the big screen by one hell of a cinematic duo.

Deadline is reporting that Brian De Palma is set to team up with star Al Pacino, for a biopic based on the life of this legendary football coach. For those who are unsure about what they know with regards to this narrative, it’s relatively simple. One of the most iconic college football coaches, Paterno had been informed of Sandusky’s accusations, but instead of reporting them or taking proper steps, he helped cover it up, leading to more and more abuses. He was then fired, had the NCAA revoke all of his victories, and even see the satute of him on the school’s campus torn down.

Personally, I’m unsure about this news. I love the duo, and Pacino is inspired casting, but De Palma’s recent string of releases leaves me to wonder if he’s the right type of filmmaker to take on this story. This is far from the genre-style pictures he’s made throughout his career, but maybe that could be the change of pace his caree has been in need of. One can only hope.

Source Deadline

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