Cannes 2011: Trailer For Takashi Miike’s Harakiri Remake

With new news surrounding the impending remakes of both Seven Samurai and the Sam Peckinpah film, Straw Dogs, a trailer for yet another remake of a Criterion Collection film.

Twitch has the first teaser for the upcoming Takashi Miike-directed remake of the Masaki Kobayashi film, Harakiri.   Entitled Hara-Kiri: Death Of A Samurai, the film will be Miike’s first 3D film, and follows up his latest attempt at jumping into the samurai film world 13 Assassins, and is described as a ‘tale of honor and vengeance.’

I’m a huge fan of the original Kobayashi film, but at this point, given the quality of this teaser and the quality of Miike’s previous samurai film, 13 Assassins, I couldn’t have more faith in Miike.   He’s a really gifted action filmmaker, and more importantly, he’s one of the most adept filmmakers at dealing with the concept of revenge and what it means within the human psyche.   I’m not ever truly a fan of the idea of a remake, particularly when talking about one of the best films from a gifted filmmaker like Kobayashi, but there could be a lot worse about this project.   Toss in a really interesting cast, including kabucki actor Ebizo Ichikawa, and you have a film that should hopefully live up well to the title.

Source: Twitch


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