Celine And Jesse Return In Spoiler-Filled First Trailer For Before Midnight


One of this year’s most anticipated releases happens to be yet another sequel, but this time, it’s for a  franchise that hasn’t overstayed its welcome, nor does it have anyone in costumes. Instead it’s something distinctly smaller.

Yahoo has the exclusive debut of the first trailer for the third film in Richard Linklater’s beloved Before series, Before Midnight, and it’s fantastic. Admittedly there are possible spoilers ahead, so if you already plan on seeing the film, then what the hell are you even reading this for anyways? Seriously though, as someone who hates the idea “spoilers,” even I find this trailer to be a tad much. Really, if you have any interest in seeing this film, just see it. Skip the trailer. You’ll be better off. But, if you need more convincing, here you go.

I was a huge fan of the film coming out of its SXSW run at the start of this year, and it’s truly great to see Jesse and Celine back on the screen. The trailer does a great job at hinting at the drama under this film’s skin, and it’s some rather heavy drama. Both Hawke and Delpy are breathtaking here, in what may very well end up the best film of 2013.

The film arrives in theaters on May 24, and if you need more reasons to see the film other than those posited by this top notch trailer, head over and read my review from SXSW, because I think it’s more than just another third film in a trilogy. It may prove to be the crowning achievement of the greatest film trilogy of all time.

Source Yahoo

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