Charlie Kaufman Teaming With Dan Harmon For New Stop Motion Film; Funding Via Kickstarter

Talk about coming out of nowhere.

As people rush to Barnes And Noble for their half-off copy of the Criterion Collection Blu-ray or DVD of the Charlie Kaufman-penned Being John Malkovich, he is apparently teaming with producer Dan Harmon, for what sounds to be one of the most interesting animated features to come across in quite some time.

Entitled Anomalisa, the film is produced by Harmon’s Starburns Industries team and written by Kaufman, and is currently asking for the public’s help to gain funding, through their Kickstarter page. Here’s how the film is described:

The film follows a celebrated motivational speaker travelling the country, changing the lives of countless people. But in the course of transforming others, his life has become hollow and meaningless. It’s a grey and monotonous existence where people literally look and sound identical.  

Suddenly one day, a girl’s voice pierces through the veil of nothingness. She fills him with such a rush of ‘aliveness’, he’s willing to abandon everything and everyone, including his own family, and escape with her to a better life.  

A stop motion film penned by Charlie Kaufman with Dan Harmon aboard to produce? Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Run, don’t walk, to support this film over at its Kickstarter page, where their perks for pledging may be some of the best ever offered.

Source Kickstarter

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