Check Out The BFI’s Trailer For Their Upcoming Werner Herzog Box Set

This July, Werner Herzog fans will be treated to two box sets, collecting a sizable number of films from the director. In the UK, the BFI will be releasing The Werner Herzog Collection, an 18-film collection on 8 Blu-rays / 10 DVDs, on July 28th. The next day in the US, Shout! Factory will release Herzog: The Collection, a 13-disc Blu-ray set collecting 16 films.

You can pre-order the BFI box set on Amazon UK. The Shout! Factory release is available on Amazon, or you can order it directly from Shout! and get it almost two weeks early (for $10 less)!

For the US release, regular Criterion Collection cover artist Fred Davis helped design the packaging. You can find some of his alternate takes here.

The BFI just released the trailer above to help celebrate the release, along with the official specifications and supplements included in the box:


The films

The Unprecedented Defence of the Fortress Deutschkreuz (1967) | Last Words (1968) | Precautions Against Fanatics (1969) | Handicapped Future (1970) | Fata Morgana(1971) | Land of Silence and Darkness (1971) | Aguirre, Wrath of God (1972) | The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (1974) | The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (1975) |Heart of Glass (1976) | How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck (1976) | Stroszek(1977) | Nosferatu, the Vampyre (1979) | Woyzeck (1979) | Huie’s Sermon (1980) |God’s Angry Man (1980) | Fitzcarraldo (1982) | Cobre Verde (1987)

Special features

  • All films presented in High Definition
  • Alternative German and English versions of Nosteratu, the Vampyre
  • Full-length audio commentaries with Werner Herzog on selected titles
  • Alternative German and English language audio options on selected titles
  • Newly created subtitles for all films
  • Optional 5.1 German and English audio on selected titles
  • Nosferatu on-set documentary (1979, 13 mins)
  • Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (Les Blank, 1980, 21 mins)
  • Burden of Dreams (Les Blank, 1982, 95 mins)
  • Guardian Lecture with Werner Herzog (1988, 83 mins)
  • South Bank Show: Werner Herzog (Jack Bond, 1982, 56 mins)
  • Original trailers on selected titles
  • Stills galleries on selected titles
  • Illustrated booklet with extensive essay by Laurie Johnson; full film credits
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