Cinema Guild Nabs Before And After Dinner: The Life And Work Of Andre Gregory

From Kickstarter to major distribution. So is the story for one rather intriguing documentary.

ThompsonOnHollywood is reporting that Cinema Guild has nabbed the rights to the Andre Gregory documentary Before And After Dinner: The Life And Work Of Andre Gregory, and will release the film in the spring of 2013.

The film is directed by Cindy Kleine, Gregory’s wife, and looks into, you guessed it, his life and work, both on the stage, and on the screen via such films as My Dinner With Andre and Vanya On 42nd Street. The picture will also look at his life as a writer, a director, a painter, and even a teacher. This all encompassing documentary will be hitting next year.

As a huge fan of Gregory and his work throughout the world of performance art, this is one film I absolutely can’t wait to see. With a backing from its Kickstarter page, this is not only a film that is intriguing to this writer, however, as it is apparently a must see film for a rather great handful of cinephiles. And it’s beyond great to finally see this film get a release.

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