Claude Lanzmann To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award At Next Year’s Berlinale

As we all anxiously await the announcement and subsequent release of Claude Lanzmann’s seminal documentary, Shoah, the director will have yet another day in the spotlight.

Best known for the classic 1985 documentary looking at Holocaust, Lanzmann will be the recipient of a lifetime achievement award at next year’s Berlin Film Festival.

Starting off as a journalist (he is actually still the publisher of the Jean-Paul Sartre-founded magazine Les Temps Modernes), Lanzmann was vocal in the Algerian independence movement in the 1960s, and is now going to be fodder for a good feting by one of the most prestigious festivals on the planet.

The festival will screen Lanzmann’s entire body of work, with his film, Sobibor, 14 October 1943, 4pm, screening as part of the awards ceremony. Now, it remains to be seen as to just when we’ll get Criterion’s release of Shoah, but with this festival shining some light on the director, Lanzmann may be in store for quite a 2013. Here’s to hoping we hear about Lanzmann more as 2013 gets rolling.

Source Variety

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