Comprehensive Carl Theodor Dreyer Website Goes Live

If there has ever been a filmmaker that has been more deserving of a retrospective website, it’s Danish auteur, Carl Theo Dreyer.

With a career featuring films like the great silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc, as well as the nightmarish horror masterpiece, Vampyr, Dreyer not only became one of Denmark’s most influential filmmakers, but is widely concerned one of history’s most talented movie directors.

The website has been long in the works, but it is definitely worth any and every second of the wait. The website not only contains loads of information on the filmmaker in question, but includes essays on things like Dreyer’s distinct visual style, as well as the themes that became rampant throughout all of his work.

Also included are photographs and posters from his work, film and sound clips of the filmmaker, as well as segments of his work, and interviews Dreyer gave. Websites this extensive are quite rare, but that’s not even the half of it. The website also includes something known as the Dreyer Archive, which is a massive collection of scripts, photos, research material, newspaper clippings, and numerous other things that Dreyer kept, wrote, collected, etc.

While any and every film from Dreyer is worth its weight in celluloid, he has seemed to have fallen by the wayside when people look back through the history of film, or at least people of this generation. Hopefully this will not only be interesting to many people, as I know it is to me, but if this sparks one person to see one piece of Dreyer’s work, then this is more than worth every second of wait.

Source: Bioscopic / Website

Joshua Brunsting

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