Criterion New Release – Janus Adds 3 New Non-Criterion Films To The Essential Art House Collection

Criterion New ReleasesToday Janus Films added three new, non-Criterion films to their “Essential Art House” series. This is the fourth volume of the Essential Art House Films, which provide an affordable option for those looking to experience incredible filmmaking.

Included in this release is Marcel Carné’s 1939 film Le Jour se Lève.

“In this compelling story of obsessive sexuality and murder, the working-class François (Jean Gabin) resorts to killing in order to free the woman he loves from the controlling influence of another man.”

Next up is René Clément’s 1956 film Gervaise.

“Based on Émile Zola’s L’assommoir, Gervaise is an uncompromising depiction of a laundress’s struggles with an alcoholic husband while running her own business. The film was nominated for an Oscar and earned Maria Schell best actress honors at the Venice Film Festival.”

And finally, Anatole Litvak’s 1936 film Mayerling.

“In this sumptuous tragic romance from Anatole Litvak, Charles Boyer and Danielle Darrieux star as the doomed adulterous lovers Archduke Rudolph, heir to the Austrian throne, and the young and innocent baron’s daughter Marie Vetsera.”

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The Essential Art House Films are currently all on sale through, at $11.97 per film ($19.95 msrp), as part of their Back to School Sale. The sale is scheduled to end on Friday, September 18th 2009.

The images below are linked to Amazon, for those viewing this article after the sale has ended.


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