Criterion Set To Release A Blu-ray Of Richard Linklater’s Slacker


With a Blu-ray release of his beloved Dazed And Confused now on the books for a while now, it appears as though Criterion hasn’t had their fill with regards to the works of director Richard Linklater.

Collider recently spoke to the filmmaker, who revealed that the company was looking to bring to the world a new Blu-ray upgrade of their release of Linklater’s great Slacker (editor’s note: see Ryan’s Blu-ray upgrade wishlist from 2011). The director is also interested in doing a bevy of supplements with the hopes of releasing a box set of his recently completed Before trilogy on Blu-ray.

As a huge fan of the director’s debut feature, a Blu-ray would be a welcome addition to my collection, and while it doesn’t seem likely that Criterion themselves would be handling a Blu-ray release of the three Before films, the idea of them all coming to Blu-ray in a box set is immensely exciting. I firmly believe that it’s the greatest film trilogy ever made, so an expansive box set is more than deserved here.

Source Collider

Joshua Brunsting

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