Dario Marianelli To Score Brian De Palma’s ‘Passion’

Well, at least this thing has one thing going for it.

All joking aside, the return of Brian De Palma has been one with the keenest of eyes set upon it, if only because the once beloved auteur has seen his recent output be, well, for lack of a better term, sub par. However, if this is any inclination, things may be looking up.

Film Music Reporter has revealed that the director is set to see respected composer Dario Marianelli, best known for his work on Atonement, score his next film.   The film, an erotic thriller entitled Passion, is one that finds its source material in a French film called Love Crime, and will star the pair of Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace.   Passion shoots in March.

Personally, this is great news.   I think that Marianelli is one of the most interesting composers around, and has a sense of style that will work wonderfully within the world of an erotic thriller.   De Palma has been in a funk as of late, so with this fantastic news and a project that is right up his alley, things appear to be moving in the/ right direction for the filmmaker.

Here’s ‘Love Crime”s synopsis:

Ruthless executive Christine brings on Isabelle as her assistant, and she takes delight in toying with the young woman’s innocence. But when the protégé’s ideas become tempting enough for Christine to pass one as her own, she underestimates Isabelle’s ambition and cunning — and the ground is set for all out war.

Source Film Music Reporter / The Playlist