David Fincher Reveals Directors For House Of Cards; Bringing On Artist Neil Kellerhouse As Well

If your name is David Fincher, than you are apparently one hell of a busy guy.

Recently, Sony revealed that the pending second film in their take on the Millennium trilogy, The Girl Who Played With Fire, wouldn’t be on its way next year, and while that itself may come as a shock, director David Fincher has more than a full plate to take on.

The auteur recently sat down with The Art Of The Title to discuss his credit sequences and revealed that his new ‘full time job,’ working on the Netflix series House Of Cards is taking up much of his time. He revealed a few directors who will be shooting the show, and he has gotten pairs of episodes from James Foley, Charles McDougall and even Joel Schumacher making this quite an intriguing collection of filmmakers.

Personally, while it’s interesting to see that Fincher’s film work has seemingly stalled (his take on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea has barely left the gate as well), this is definitely something that appears to be quite the pet project for the director. He’s even gotten oft-collaborator and Criterion staple Neil Kellerhouse to work on it. You know it’s serious now.

All joking aside, we will lay eyes on the show next year, so one would assume that his second Girl’¦ film will follow, but it remains to be seen as to when that will exactly be. I am a massive Fincher fan and really hope that he’ll be back on the big screen soon, but this show is shaping up to be quite the intriguing project.

Source Art Of The Title / The Playlist

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