David Gordon Green’s Suspiria Remake Gets Blessing From Argento

It’s very rare that I get interested in a remake of a classic film.

However, when talking about Suspiria and one David Gordon Green, I can’t help but think that that is a match made in a really weird and awesome heaven, one that I hope I will see come to life soon. And according to Twitch, we all may very well get to see it sooner, rather than later.

The outlet is reporting that Green’s remake of Dario Argento’s classic film, Suspiria, has finally gotten blessed by Argento himself. The film has been in the works for what seems to be years now, at least since the wrapping of Green’s Pineapple Express, and while I kind of agree with Argento’s idea that his film ‘is a masterpiece and can’t be overshadowed,’ I really cannot wait to see what the director of George Washington can do with this film.

While I don’t know if he’s the perfect name to direct the film, this is the hyper rare remake that I’m really excited to see, so for all intents and purposes, I am super excited for this thing. Green is a master filmmaker, and sure, Pineapple Express was rather dreadful (I prefer a film like Snow Angels to Express, but that’s just me), but hopefully this will bring him back to form.

Source: Twitch

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