David Mamet And Kristin Bell Tease Geeks Everywhere With Funny Or Die Film

Like David Mamet? Like adult films?

Well, for those of you who have been yearning for a mixture of the two, look no further than Funny Or Die to give you just that.

The video heavyweight has launched a new series of web videos, with the first one being penned and directed by the cinematic giant himself, David Mamet (Homicide, House of Games). It stars Kristin Bell and Ed O’Neill, who worked with Mamet on his film, Spartan, and is introduced by one of Mamet’s go to guys, Ricky Jay. It’s said to be a lost clip from a 1930’s porn and while it’s a little long and a little poorly paced for the average web video, it is a really fun little clip.

While this is just a little web video, anything that Mamet does is going to have me a little interested. I didn’t quite dig Redbelt like many did, but films like Homicide prove that he’s a really talented filmmaker. All in all, if you have a little over 6 minutes, definitely check this one out.

Source: New TeeVee