David Mamet Directing Phil Spector Biopic Starring Al Pacino

After playing Jack Kevorkian in HBO’s stunning TV movie, You Don’t Know Jack, it appears as though he’ll be returning to the network, and this time, with a Criterion Collection veteran at his side.

In a brief write up of a various selection of new casting, directing and rights deals, Deadline quietly brings us news that the actor will be starring in an upcoming David Mamet (Homicide, House Of Games) directed biopic of Phil Spector, set to see the light of day thanks to HBO.   Apparently the film was once eyed by Cameron Crowe with Tom Cruise in mind to star as the controversial music producer, but apparently it has fallen to Pacino and Mamet,   a duo that are more than capable of making this material shine.

Last seen doing a series of short sketches for Funny or Die, Mamet has been a rather quiet filmmaker since his last film, Red Belt, and while there were murmurs of a possible Anne Frank project on the director’s slate, this appears to be the filmmaker’s next project.

Personally, while I haven’t liked much of Mamet’s latest work, particularly those dreadful Funny Or Die shorts, this is definitely an interesting project.   HBO is a channel that appears to be the go to place for filmmakers looking to hone their craft, and this could be the perfect project for both Pacino and Mamet to do just that.   Count me in.

Source: Deadline