David Mamet Directs More Funny Or Die Shorts

Wonder what David Mamet (Homicide, House of Games) has been doing lately?

Well, apparently he’s been doing a series of videos for Funny Or Die, and thanks to the people over at Deadline, we have his latest outing, and I have to say, it’s not my favorite.

The new video stars Danny DeVito, and is written and directed by the Homicide and House Of Games helmer, and features DeVito as none other than Ghandi, who is being interviewed for his upcoming film, Gandhi II.

Personally, while I absolutely adore Mamet and his work, I don’t really find this interview to be my favorite.   I love the idea of DeVito as Gandhi, particularly with how he still stayed within his crazy DeVito mode, I just don’t find this to be that funny of a bit.   Honestly, a lot of his latest pieces of work, save his last feature film Redbelt, to be rather underwhelming.

However, my hopes are still high for his next project, whatever that may be.   The trail, news wise, on his talked about adaptation of The Diary Of Anne Frank has gone cold, so it remains to be seen what that exactly will be.   That said, whatever it may be is going to be something I can’t wait to check out.

Source: Deadline

Another Funny Or Die video from David Mamet, The Marquee:

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