Days After The Criterion Collection 50% Off Sale, Barnes & Noble Itself Goes Up For Sale

It looks like no matter the type of sale they put on, Barnes & Noble just couldn’t save themselves financially.

Just days after the closing of their yearly 50% off Criterion Collection DVD sale, and after sales of their ebook reader, The Nook, seem to be exponentially increasing, Reuters is now reporting that the company is going up for sale.

This comes after much speculation that the company may be on the way to the financial grave, particularly after news came that the company was doing less than stellar financially, with shares of the company falling as much as 17.2% after announcing their quarterly losses in early July.

Personally, this is rather sad, yet hopeful news. It’s sad to see this fantastic company, who is so friendly to those of us looking for something more than just the recent best seller or the recently released big budget action film DVD, but it’s hopeful, because maybe this new guidance will be able to save the company from true financial failure.

The outcome of this will remain to be seen, but hopefully this will mark a new step forward for the company.

Source: Reuters

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