Director Tapped For A Remake Of The Stranger

While remakes seem to come and go daily, the canon of Orson Welles seems, intellectually, untouchable. Well, that’s not apparently true.

THR is reporting that director Joseph Ruben has been tapped to helm the upcoming remake of Welles’ classic The Stranger, which is being penned by Alanna Belak. The original film was helmed by Welles, and while not nearly as well known as films like Citizen Kane or The Magnificent Ambersons, the film features top tier performances from he and Edward G. Robinson and is considered by many to be considered yet another masterpiece from the beloved filmmaker.

The new film will ‘focus on reformed serial killer who has reinvented himself as a small-town professor but is visited by his former partner, who wants them to start killing together again.’

Personally, I really dislike this idea. Not because it’s a Welles film getting remade, it’s more because the original film still, today, feels as vital and vibrant as ever. It’s a fantastic film, and is an odd choice for a remake.

Source THR

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