Disney Won’t Be Delaying Redbox New Releases, CEO Claims

Just a day after lighting a fire under many film geek’s asses (mine more than included) it looks like nothing will stop Redbox from attempting to stand up against outlets like Netflix and Blockbuster, and has even garnered a bit of support from one of the most powerful studios in film.

According to Bloomberg, Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger has said that they will not be considering delaying the sales of its DVDs to Redbox, as many other studios have, to comply with the 28-day window that many studios have.

Personally, with the rate at which films get pushed out to DVD, and the fact that this has no effect on smaller budget and independent film, I can’t see this being as any big deal breaker for those looking to rent a film. While it’s a massive vote of confidence for Redbox, it’s definitely not going to make me go to their boxes any faster, particularly with my newly formed personal vendetta against anything and everything Redbox.

As a film lover, the big budget new releases that I have interest in, I’m not waiting until DVD to check out, and particularly Disney films. I’m not in a rush to see these films when they get to shelves, and throw in the ever shortening distance between theaters and store shelves, I can’t help but think that this is nothing that will affect many people, particularly those of you reading this blog.

Source: Bloomberg

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