Disney’s Stunning Oscar Nominated Short Paperman Hits The Web


With the Oscars now just a handful of weeks away, one of the most intriguing nominees has finally arrived online, and while it may be short in length, it’s an absolute must-watch.

Disney has finally released their brilliant short film, Paperman, online, and as the likely winner of this year’s award for Best Animated Short Film, this is one of the nominees you may not have seen, but need to catch up on before the late-February award show.

The film is a basic love story about a man who fears he may never see the woman who has caught his eye ever again, but what comes is one of the most moving and affecting pieces of cinema you’ll see from 2012. It’s a gorgeously crafted animated short from director John Kahrs, and blends computer animation and hand drawn work as seamlessly as anything Disney has hit us with in years. It’s really something special, and for those of us who missed the film when it played in front of prints of Wreck It Ralph, this is an absolute joy to finally catch up on.


Source Collider

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